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How to Use the KCCI Website
The KCCI website
The use of KCCI website is governed by the terms of use that are outlined below. The KCCI website is a collaborative platform developed for all viewers, who may be practitioners, policymakers, researchers, academicians, students or professionals employed in private, government, non-government and UN Organizations. It is a tool meant to generate quality knowledge on development issues related to children and women in India. Our vision is to fulfill the objectives of the Knowledge Community on Children in India through this knowledge exchange website.
Website access
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The information on the KCCI website is accessible to everyone. Broadly speaking, there are two types of users- Viewer and Content Contributor. Viewers can access, read or download published content. If you wish to contribute to the Knowledge Repository, Blog, Discussion Forum or WIKI, please read the Disclaimer and click on “Contribute Content” on the homepage to register, as a content contributor. Once your registration is approved, you will receive a Username and Password through email. Registration as a content contributor means that you have accepted and agreed to the terms of use and terms desctibed in the Disclaimer. All users can subscribe to quarterly newsletter by clicking on “Subscribe” on the homepage.
Recent Research and Knowledge Exchange
Featured Story
This section provides space to viewers to share innovations, case studies, best practices or lessons learnt from different parts of India. We encourage you to share write up and relevant picture for the features section to the administrator.  The information is screened before appearing on the website.
Knowledge Repository
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Knowledge Repository hosts various resources. It classifies them by themes, document type, author and year of publication. The viewers can search and filter the content as per their requirement. The Repository provides a brief description along with the link to full document. The content contributors have privileges to upload content from “Contribute Content” on the homepage. They are required to fill the mandatory fields for metadata, description and upload file for submission. The contributed content goes through an approval process. Our approver group is comprised of subject matter experts and specialists, who screen and validate the submitted content before publishing it on the KCCI website.  
Multimedia Repository
You are here: Knowledge Community on Children in India > Digital Assets
Multimedia Repository is available under “Knowledge Repository” on the navigation bar. The Multimedia Repository hosts images, audio and videos. They can be accessed and downloaded by the viewers for information purpose only. We encourage viewers to share files of development work in digital format. 
Statistical Table
You are here: Home > Published Statistics
Statistical Table provides data for key indicators related to women and children in India for three time periods (subject to availability of data). All the data is from published government sources. This feature generates two types of reports, one per selected state and the other per selected indicator. You can also export generated reports to Excel.
Useful Links
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This section provides viewers with details such as names, description and links of organizations and projects that are nodal and useful for the viewer’s working on issues pertaining to women and children. You can click on the links to access resources of these respective organizations.
Social Collaboration - Interact and Contribute
The social collaboration features on the KCCI website provide shared workspace for users so that they are able to actively connect, share and integrate information in their area of work on Blog, Discussion Forum and WIKI. They are meant for diverse users located in different parts of the country to leverage on collective wisdom.  The KCCI reserves the right to delete any comment disrespectful or libelous in nature or irrelevant for the purpose of the website.
Share your ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and experiences on a broad range of development topics. All viewers can read the Blogs. Only the content contributors have the right to individually and independently create, manage and comment on posts. Postings are not moderated in order to promote open communications. Viewers can email and share the link of Blog articles with friends and colleagues.
Discussion Forum
You are here: Knowledge Community on Children in India > Discussions
Discussion Forum is a moderated platform to connect, exchange views, and help resolve queries and consultations specific to development of women and children in India. Viewers can read the synthesis or summary as described below. The content contributors can initiate discussion topics or queries, reply to topics, share links and upload files.
Discussion on a given topic or query is open for three weeks, and the discussion is closed and completed with a synthesis of replies or discussion summary. The discussion summary and synthesis are classified according to specific themes or sectors and made available in the Knowledge Repository. There is an email notification option if you wish to be informed when new topics or comments are posted. 
WIKI provides web space for collaboratively developing documents, articles, reports, plans and agendas. You can attach images, link text and upload files. It is a useful tool for group collaboration, especially when members of the group are spread out in multi locations. It can also minimize email traffic with attachments and losing track of version history. Content contributors can use WIKI, and viewers can read the published pages.
To use WIKI, content contributors can send their request to the administrator. The administrator will create a group for the specific WIKI users. After the administrator gives you rights to work on WIKI, you can Edit, Write or Save by clicking on the respective button. The changes can be tracked with version history. After the user group finalizes the work, the administrator closes and publishes it.
If you are a content contributor and wish to learn more about the use of WIKI, please contact the administrator by sending “Feedback” from the link on the homepage.
Stay Connected
My Site
The website provides space to content contributors to update their profiles and follow activities on My Site. Click on the drop down arrow near your username, and you will find a link to My Profile and My Site. Users can view and manage their profiles, update recent activities and share things in common. A well-managed profile helps in staying connected and networking with fellow KCCI members.
Social Networking and Media Sites
On the home page, there is a link to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr on KCCI. Stay linked and connected through these sites on ‘Whats new’ on the KCCI website. Also available is RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to access web feeds for updated information.
Share Announcements and Events
Events Calendar
View or share news, announcements and events pertaining to development sector. Once screened for relevance, they will be posted on Events Calendar available on the homepage and it will be visible during the month. If you wish to share the information, please contact the administrator at the following address: info@kcci.in
Job Opportunities
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View vacancy announcements and opportunities, or send them to the administrator for posting.
Other Functions
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All users can use two types of search functions. Filtered search is available in the Knowledge Repository. In the Knowledge Repository, go to the left pane to filter the repository by theme, document type, year of publication or author.
Also available is content search. Enter a word in the search pane (where it says, “Search this site”), and it generates list of contents that include the word. The search result also generates Related Search.
Site Map
The site map has been enabled for first time visitors and in order for you to navigate and find your way around the website.
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Viewers are encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions through “Feedback” available on the homepage. The Feedback form has a set of questions. Your response and comments will be appreciated and help us in improving our website.
The website is available in Hindi and English. You can select the language from the top right on the homepage.
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